Get to Know the Speciality Tax Code you Can Obtain Before the March 15th Filing Deadline

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As the C&S Corporation and Partnership filing deadline approaches on March 15th, it’s important to take advantage of the cost-effective tax incentives you may not realize are obtainable. At National Tax Group, we focus on specialized areas of the tax code that rewards businesses for innovation and constant efforts already being done. CPAs can also reach out to have an assessment of their client’s work, to see what additional benefits we are able to obtain for them.

Below, are the areas of tax code we specialize in. Contact us to request your free assessment of benefits.

179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction

Buildings that have been constructed or renovated to reduce the total energy consumption by 50% qualify for the 179D Deduction. Individuals that can obtain up to $1.80 per square feet on each property include commercial building owners, hotel owners, contractors, and architect and designers. Learn More about this deduction here.

Research and Development Tax Credit

Any company doing business in the United States can earn significant credits back on their taxes that they can use to offset the costs they spent performing research activities to develop or improve their products, processes, and software. Even startups and small businesses are able to benefit from the credit. Learn more about the credit here.

45L Energy Efficient Home Credit

Homebuilders and contractors can earn up to $2,000 on homes they’ve worked on to incorporate energy saving systems that reduce the home’s total energy consumption. Learn more about the credit here.

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation studies reallocate real and personal property and accelerate depreciation within buildings, freeing up cash that can be invested back into the building or business. Even if a building had a study performed in the past, it is possible to benefit from another. Learn more here.

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When you work with National Tax Group you’re working with real people who care about the relationships we create with our clients. With over 50 years of collective experience working in the tax-saving industry, as well as customer service relations, you’re not only getting tax experts in your corner but also trusted advisors. We are committed to saving you money, so contact us to get your free assessment of benefits and start the process of obtaining the documentation needed to submit to the IRS before the filing deadline.

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