Decision on End of Year Tax Package Expected in Coming Days

GOP Tax Package Looks to Extend Lucrative Tax Incentives

A decision of the GOP’s end of year tax package is expected to be made soon. If the bill is approved, it will be signed into effect by President Trump shortly after, impacting taxpayers.

Congress has been working hard behind the scenes to save the tax extender package and senators are urging to have the package added on to an upcoming government funding bill. 

The tax plan, originally introduced in November 2018 plans to extend profitable tax breaks available through the 179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction and 45L Energy Efficient home Credit through the end of 2018. The passing of the bill will have a huge impact on many, including commercial building owners, hotel owners, home builders, and contractors. 

Our team of tax professionals is confident that the bill will be passed soon and we will update you with any and all developments. Once the bill is passed, we will be your go-to and trusted tax advisor to obtain the top-dollar savings.

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