How the Cannabis Industry is Earning Big in Tax Credits

Growing Your Business with the R&D Tax Credit

The development and selling of recreational and medicinal marijuana has dramatically increased as states across the country continue to pass legislation legalizing marijuana. Research and development is critically important for the cannabis industry’s current and future growth. Cannabis growers and other related businesses are already performing qualifying research activities in their day-to-day operations that qualify them to take advantage of the research and development tax credit.

The R&D tax credit was created as an incentive for businesses across different industries to take innovative measures when developing or improving their products, processes, or software. Companies within the cannabis industry are constantly working to expand the various strains and consumption options in order to meet the demand and growth of the industry, and are performing qualifying research and development activities in the process.

Medical and recreational marijuana sales are expected to climb to $22 Billion by 2022, according to the 2018 edition of the Marijuana Business Daily.

With the growing legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana comes the increase in the demand for marijuana farms, pharmaceutical companies, and dispensaries. These companies are regularly coming up with more efficient methods of creating the products, and these innovations can often result in qualifying for the R&D tax credit.

Qualifying cannabis-industry related research activities include

  • Enhancing the efficiency of the growing and harvesting process
  • Developing new strains of cannabis through the use of genetic and cross-breeding techniques
  • Developing new systems for indoor growth
  • Performing testing to improve or speed up a harvest cycle
  • Developing improved technologies for delivery of cannabis-derived substances
  • Creating new ways to prevent mold or plant loss
  • Developing unique software analytical tools for strand identification

Don’t Miss Out On R&D

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