R & D Credit

Is your business missing out on the perks of research and development tax credits? Many companies across the US are unaware that their activities may qualify for tax benefits.

In recent years many changes have been made to the R&D Tax Credit that clearly allow more business than ever to qualify. As opposed to the popular notion, R&D credit is not only applicable to companies in high-tech, biotech, and pharmaceutical sector, rather it is for any business that performs the qualified R&D activities.


R&D credit has a significant financial advantage to businesses that perform research to find or improve the process of a product. Yet less than one third of the companies that qualify for the R&D tax credit actually utilize; and companies that qualify for R&D credit are not claiming the full credits they are entitled to.

Our R&D credit professionals are here to ensure that you don’t miss out on this tax benefit. National Tax Group comprises of qualified engineers, scientists, and accountants with diverse industrial experience. Our firm specializes in calculation and documentation of R&D credit for companies of all sizes and across various industries. We strive to perk up credits claimed and sustained for past, current, and future years.

As the R&D landscape is constantly evolving our professionals will continue to help with domestic and global R&D incentives.

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